Joey Lawrence – Joey Lawrence

Like many other gay teenagers in the nineties, I had the hugest crush on American sit-com star Joey Lawrence. He played the witless older brother of Blossom, in the TV show of the same name. His name in the pilot was Donnie Russo, which was changed in the episodes that followed to give him his... Continue Reading →

Pretty Woman Original Soundtrack

Every few months or so, my husband and I will have this conversation: Me: You know what we haven't watched in a while? Him: What? Me: Pretty Woman Him: Oh! Admittedly I do watch this movie on a heavy rotation, but I never tire of it. Do I know it pretty much word for word?... Continue Reading →

Mariah Carey – Glitter

As far as hashtags go, there have been few more unfortunately named than #JusticeForGlitter. Only Susan Boyle's album launch hashtag #susanalbumparty could compete. This was a campaign put together by Lambs (the collective name for Carey's fans) to make her soundtrack album Glitter the hit album they felt it should have been on its first... Continue Reading →

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