Pretty Woman Original Soundtrack

Every few months or so, my husband and I will have this conversation:

Me: You know what we haven’t watched in a while?

Him: What?

Me: Pretty Woman

Him: Oh!

Admittedly I do watch this movie on a heavy rotation, but I never tire of it. Do I know it pretty much word for word? Yeah pretty much. But does that stop me from enjoying it any less? Absolutely not!

I have loved this movie since I first watched it on VHS rental when it first came out. I remember it well. My parents were out for the evening, so I had the pleasure of my gran’s company. I would have been around thirteen at the time.

I was asked which video I’d like to rent. Idseen the trailers on TV for the move Pretty Woman and it seemed pretty funny. I didn’t really know much more about it, or what the story was. I just like the clips I’d seen (you know what I’m talking about; slippery little suckers, or Richard Gere closing the jewelry box on Julia Roberts’ fingers). So my parents went down to Metro Video to fetch it for me. The film I actually watched,was m different to what I’d expected. I cringed through Julia Robert’s groping Richard Gere in the Lotus Esperit (that’s pretty stiff, no but it’s got potential) and the sex scene on top of the piano.

‘What have you got me watching here?’ My Gran asked, like I was making her watch porn. But if you’ve seen it (and if not, why not?) Then you’ll know it turns into a lovely romantic comedy where (spoiler alert!) The guy gets the girl in the end.

Despite my traumatic introduction to the film, I have loved it ever since. Kit De Luca is my spirit animal and roll model (although we went down different career paths), and one if my favourite movie characters.

It came with a killer soundtrack too. I owned it back in the day, but hadn’t seemit around in aong time. So when I was on holiday in the middle of Wales recently, I snapped it up when I found it for 50p on CD in a charity shop. The girl behind the counter asked if I’d seen the movie, and if it was any good. She’d never fancied it herself. I told her in great detail what she’d missed out on. We then put it on in the car and drove through the hills of Wales with it on full blast.

There are a few tracks not available on streaming sites, so it was a nice reintroduction to the album for me. It’s made up of eleven tracks, the majority actually featured in the movie itself. Whilst many soundtracks score a hit with the main theme, The Pretty Woman soundtrack produced a number of hit singles. The movie may have been.names after Roy Orbinson’s number one hit, Oh Pretty Woman (which closes this collection), it made it’s fair share of new chart hits.

The soundtrack kicks off with the late, great Natalie Cole belting out her hooker’s anthem Wild Women Do. I call it that, of course as each songs reminds me of its place in the movie. I’m not going to go through where each song appears. If like me you know the movie well, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Eighties band Go West were previously best known for their top five hit We close our eyes. There song King of wishful thinking opened up the movie and gave them a brief top forty comeback.

But if there’s only one song you know off this album, then it has to be Roxette’s huge power ballad It must have been love. This was the big love theme from the movie, playing as (another spolier) Vivienne leaves Edward at the end of their week together. It was a huge hit for the Scandinavian band and propelled their already successful career to a new level. Sadly we lost Roxette’s Marie a little while back. She was incredible talent who will always remembered for huge hits like this one amongst others.

Do you need to have seen the film to enjoy the soundtrack? I’d say not necessarily, as the songs are great in their own right. But it certainly does give them s new dimension when seen as part of the movie. But why would you not have seen Pretty Woman? It’s the greatest movie of all time – fact.

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